Jooxter makes workplaces fully informed of occupants movements
and provides real time services to create peaceful & productive work environment.

Path finder

Our mobile app uses smart indoor routing algorithms to help you find your way inside buildings. Routes are computed dynamically, and not predefined, directions will take the latest changes of the building’s layout into account.

Room booker

Booking a room has always been cumbersome and frustrating. We created an innovative automatic booking system. Our motion sensing technology provides building consciousness of your movement and enables to automatically book, cancel or release rooms based on your wish and behaviors.

Colleague finder

Our motion sensing technology lets occupants find whatever they need inside their workplace instantaneously. Find available coworkers near your position anytime you need them!

At least a 20% increase of your space occupancy rate with
a cost less than 9% of the yearly saving.

spaces reallocation

Jooxter's algorithms analyse in real time building occupancy data and their meeting schedules allowing to reallocate rooms in order to optimize building efficiencies.

Occupancy Analytics

Jooxter analyses, aggregates and provides dashboard about your workplace activities. On demand key metrics will allow you to understand how to optimize energy efficiency of buildings and reduce building operational cost.

Proximity services

With Jooxter, at any moment of the day, occupants are able to know what is going on around them. Proximity awareness allows to avoid micro-conflicts between people looking for rooms and strongly encourages collaboration and therefore productivity.


Discover our exclusive connected device 

We created a high quality connected
motion sensor  making workplace truly smart.